What You Will Learn

In this program I am packing in over 20 years of real estate experience with the majority of that time focused on the distressed inventory. Within that category I have a deep focus on auctions, both online and in person. Collectively I've been involved in over 2,000 transactions with the bulk of those being in investment properties. I have thousands of people about investing into distress inventory at foreclosure sales and Bank owned as well. I hope you enjoy the program that I have put together for you as it is my professional life's work.

Learn How To Find Opportunities

The hardest part of being an investor is finding the right properties to invest in. We focus on maximizing your ROI by focusing only on what move the needle.

Learn How To Grow a Portfolio

Becoming an investor with a long term horizon can literally change your life. While flipping properties can make you a quick buck, long term investing can create generational wealth.

How How to Fast Track Success

Investing in yourself by not having to make the same mistakes others have made will get you to the finish line much faster. If you can bend time to get the results you want sooner that puts you among the smartest people in the room.

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